The Stakes

Possibilities and Probabilities

 Decisions are nothing more than actions based on probabilities.  Our decisions are reflected in our perceptions of the quality of our life. What we often times don’t see is the uncertainty factor.  We accept that it’s there but we don’t think much beyond acceptance.  There is so much more we can do to improve the probability of great outcomes. 


Whether it’s a job, a business, a relationship, a product line,  a new location, or procrastination on a new exciting pursuit. Better exploration of a new path or journey is worth the time and effort.  Status Quo is a decision we make everyday.  We hold on to what we have, simply because it’s the devil we know.  But the devil we don’t know – the other side of hanging on – may not be a Devil at all.  It absolutely could be the best ever decision you’re struggling to make today.


Define How Success Looks

The very word SUCCESS is a quagmire. Biases, Status Quo, Identity, Others’ Perceptions:  all of these lines of thinking cloud our ability to see what truly is the best next course of action. 

Expected Value

Defining your expected value in any decision or pursuit is essential to knowing you’ve made a solid choice.


Developing pre-commitment milestones as well as identifying obstacles will assist you in answering the progress questions along the way.

Dynamic Commitments

Conditions change ALL the time. There isn’t a situation when they will not change. So why are we so reluctant to change course?   Having the fortitude to honor new information and be prepared to quit or change course is a skill worth learning.

A Different Approach

Drop out of the status quo and drop in to what really matters to you – not what is required of you, and not what is expected of you – neither of those elements alone will improve your peace of mind.  Drop in to what you could be pursuing using confident, mindful decision making.